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May 8, 2009

On Wednesday, May 20th, I’m going to be presenting at an ASTD / ISPI event at Babson College.  It’s shaping up to be something pretty special, basically a half-day workshop on social learning and the use of social media / networking within overall learning strategy.

Bill Cava of Ektron is covering the basic history of social media and networking.  I’m the second presenter.  Ill be introducing social learning models, drawing on the work of Jay Cross, Harold Jarche, and of course my own stuff.  I’m also goingtto talk about changing job roles and uncomfortable parallels between the learning and news industries.  The final third of the program is going to be run by Mark Bucceri of Saba.  Mark is an expert facilitator and ILT guru – his section is going to be a workshop, exercise-driven session where participants try to apply some of the concepts presented earlier in relation to their own practices and challenges.

Having spoken a few times with the other two participants and with Jean Marrapodi, the coordinator and maestro of the event, I think this could be one of the more interesting sessions I’ve done in awhile.  They all know their stuff and the format will deliver real value to participants.

More info and registration details can be found here:

Those of you who live in the New England area and are interested in social learning should really think about attending.  I’ve done a decent number of these types of sessions and participants have universally found them to be of tremendous value.  With a longer format, this one should be even more useful.  Please share this colleagues or friends who might be interested.

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  1. Shannon Courtney permalink
    May 20, 2009 3:58 pm


    Kudos on a stellar presentation! I love how you have the “guts” to let training and development professionals know that they need to change their roles or lose their seats as value-add contributors in their respective organizations. You really hit home with the audience and gave them some food for thought. You are right, it is no longer enough to supply content to the masses. T&D professionals need to harness the emerging learning within the organization and leverage it. Hopefully, your session was as eye opening for them as it was for me: The world of training is changing, and we better adapt or(there was a little gravestone wtih “RIP” engraved on one of your slides right?;) DIE. Scary message, yes- but it needed to be said. T&D professionals are lucky to have you in their corner. You really have your hand on the pulse of both T&D and Social Media…nice to actually learn something new today! I left saying…WWDD? 😉 always a pleasure.


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