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Podcasts, Webinars…

SlideShare LogoOver the last year or so, I’ve run a number of fairly significant webinars, some with over 250 people attending. Most recently, these have focused on social learning and community since this is one of our big areas of focus. In the coming months, I will be converting additional sessions to SlideShares, including ones on software simulation and courseware authoring. All of these will be available on my webinar page so check back now and again to see what’s new.

Social Learning Strategies and Trends Podcast LogoI’ve also been conducting an on-going podcast series with Kevin Jones of Engaged Learning. The series is called Social Learning Strategies and Trends. Each week we talk about hot topics or key issues related to social learning, getting started, overcoming objections, selling it internally, and measuring ROI. Now and again, we also interview industry experts or practitioners in the field. You can subscribe to this podcast series on iTunes or by clicking the image to the right. Alternately, you can listen to these podcasts and see a quick summary on the podcast page.   In the coming weeks, each of these will also have an associated transcript.

SLQOTD LogoI’ve also been a active member of the Social Learning Question of the Day Twitter group.  Think of this like Twitter’s version of a listserv.  I co-moderate this site with Kevin Jones (we do a lot of cool stuff together).  Each day, we post a question and members of the group respond and discuss it.  Because of the way the group is set-up, the discussions are direct-messaged to members of the group, similar to how email listservs work.  The result is an on-going, topical dialog among like-minded learning professionals who are interested in social learning.  The group now has over 300 participants, including some heavy hitters in the industry like Clark Quinn, Dave Ferguson, Will Thalmier, Jane Bozarth, Janet Clarey, and of course, Kevin and I ; )  Why don’t you join us?  Just click on the image to the right and follow the directions on the left-hand side of the SLQOTD Twitter page.


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