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Upcoming Speaking Sessions


April 21st at 1 PMShow Me the Money:  Examples of the Payback of Social/Networked Learning
This is part of a much larger event hosted by Jay Cross that will go all day Tues (April 21) and into Wed (April 22).  The link above goes to the full agenda which you should definitely review.  The specific session I’m taking part in is one about quantifying success and sharing existing success stories around social learning and networked learning.  Other panelists include Brent Schlenker, Jon Husband, and Barry Shields.

April 21st at 3 PMOvercoming the Top 10 Objections to Social Learning
This is going to be a very interactive session where we’re going to crowdsource solutions to some of the common objections to social learning.  Lots of discussion, lots of interactivity.  And you get the added bonus of hearing from Kevin Jones who is as much an expert on this stuff as anybody.  If you are having trouble “selling” social learning to your bosses, this is a “don’t miss” webinar.  It’s equally valuable if you find yourself struggling with some common fears around control, accuracy etc…


May 20th from 8am to 12pm Social Media: Best Practices in Training
This is a live event being held at Babson college in Massachusetts.  Co-presenting with me will be Bill Cava, CTO of Ektron and Marc Bucceri of Saba.  We’re going to address the “why” of social media in general, the “how” of the integration points with learning, and the “what, when, and under what conditions” in the real world adoption of social learning.  Needless to say, it will be a fun event.

May 28th at 2 PMDefining Your Social Learning Strategy
I’m doing this webinar with David Mallon of Bersin & Associates.  We’re basically going to talk about some social learning models: embedded, wrapped, and community models, and how these approaches map to specific organizational needs and learning scenarios.  As with all of the webinars we do, we’re going to keep this open and ask you to share your thoughts.

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