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White Papers

Along with some on-going publishing activities in mainstream learning magazines, I’ve also written a numbers of pretty significant and well-research white papers on a variety of topics including Workplace Community, Collaborative Authoring, and Software Simulations.  See below for a current list of White Papers:

From the Annointed Few to the Collective Many:  How Workplace Communities Will Change Your Business
This paper is about the impact of Workplace Communities on core business processes and functions like Innovation, Customer Support, Training and Development, Retention and Recruiting, and Alumni relationships.

The Goldilocks Dilemna of Authoring
This paper is about the challenges of course authoring in a world where the choices are small, single user tools and enterprise-wide LCMS tools that come with enterprise-grade costs and implementation headaches.  It’s basically an argument for while we sell Mzinga Publisher which is our team-based, collaborative authoring tool.

The Business Case for Software Simulation
This paper provides a series of proof points for how software simulation can deliver real bottom-line impact to an organization.  From real world stories to ROI frameworks, this white paper provides the necessary ammunition to make a case for real software simulation over inferior tools like Captivate.  It’s basically an argument for why people should be using Firefly, our kick-ass software simulation tool.

Why Simulation?
This was my first-ever White Paper, written at the beginning of the software simulation era when most buyers didn’t know their ass from their elbow.  It’s a bit basic but if you are new to the idea, it still provides some good foundational arguments.


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