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Session Feedback

Smile Sheets (actual session feedback from conferences or events)

Recent Speaking and Webinar Feedback:

Day of Learning, ASTD – “Social Learning: Why, What, and How”

  • “Awesome presentation!!” – Susan Channel, VP, Learning Manager at Bank of America
  • Excellent presentation yesterday – very thought provoking.”
  • Named “Best Session of the Day” based on session feedback from participant

From DevLearn 2008 – “Workplace Communities and Learning 2.0”

  • “This was the best presenter of the day! He was engaging and interesting. A thought provoking session.”
  • “…the best presentation I have seen so far-really good speaker and useful content.”
  • “Fantastic! Great presentation. You could tell Dave was passionate about the topic and gave me some great ideas for my own community.”
  • “Excellent session-Best so far!”
  • “Funny, interactive and informative/insightful-can’t get much better than that!”
  • “Fabulous! Best presenter so far-engaging, dynamic, strategic-perfect!”
  • “Excellent thought leader with great ideas!”
  • Click here to see the full session feedback.

From “Social Learning and the Recession” webinar

  • “Great webinar the other day. I love the way you explain the potential of social networking.”
  • “Wilkins just nailed the landing- depending on the design that best fits your need, you may use one, or a combo of models.”
  • “This slide is a great case builder too.  One dept for all this is often too slow or too removed from the prob.”
  • “this has been great… @dwilkins great to hear you again!  excellent as always!”
  • “@dwilkins – brilliant slide!! “
  • “Best webinar I’ve ever attended by a solution provider. Great slides, content, chatting”

Other Notable Recognition

  • Named a “Best of the Best” speaker with Training Conferences and invited to a special conference where only their best speakers presented.  Scoring was based objectively on participant feedback over the last five years.
  • “Best Speaker of the Day” at NASAGA 2006
  • “Best Speaker of the Day” Day of Learning 2008
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