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Below are some of the webinars I’ve presented or moderated in the last year or so.  Eventually these will all have audio, but hopefully you will find some value even in the ones that are purely slides.  If you’d like to subscribe to any updates to this page, click here.

Overcoming the Top 1o Objections to Social Learning

Kevin Jones and I teamed up for this webinar.  I have to say it was pretty kick-ass.  We had fantastic participation in the chat and in the Twitter stream.  Kevin and I addressed the first five objections and then we opened it up to the crowd to help us answer the other five.  Of course the crowd raised way more than five more objections so Kevin and I committed to answering some via our blogs as well.

Social Learning and the Recession: 5 Survival Tips

This is a webinar I did in December of 2008. Social Learning and the Recession is about the overall impact of the continuing cultural and business transition to a network or knowledge economy from an industrial one, and more specifically, the dramatic impact this is having on the training function. In this session, I provided some practical advice on how to adapt to these changing conditions, advice which is just as important in dealing with the lost budget, lost staff, and lost influence that has come with this recession.

Social Media for Business: 3 Winning Lessons

This is a webinar I mostly moderated, though I did chime in a bit here and there.  The two featured speakers were Barry Libert, who co-wrote Barrack Inc. and organized the first wiki-authored book, We Are Smarter Than Me, and Don Tapscott, author of numerous books including Grown Up Digital, Wikinomics, and The Naked Corporation.

Embracing Social Learning Across the Enterprise

This is a webinar I did back in the Winter of 2008.  It’s basically a why, what, and how of social learning, and also addresses how to rethink existing practices to include social learning approaches.  It also include some real world case studies drawn from the Emergent and Collaborative case studies I maintain now on this blog.

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