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Major Accomplishments

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As I noted in the overview of my work experience, I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty cool stuff over the years.  Here are some brief highlights:

  • Oversaw and developed some of the industry’s first corporate WBT projects
  • Designed and developed some of the first web-based software simulation deployments, including some of the first global deployments
  • Invented the industry’s first EPSS + Simulation model, through an integration WinHelp and Toolbook
  • Designed and oversaw the first EPSS + Simulation product, KnowledgeMate, which was OEM’ed to PeopleSoft to support their 8.x release
  • Designed and oversaw the instructional model for our LCMS platform
  • Oversaw one of the industry’s first “Social Learning” platforms, KnowledgeMate Exchange which was OEM’ed to Clarify to support their entire product suite
  • Oversaw the design and development of Firefly, the industry’s first “full” software simulation tool, and one of the most highly-regarded tools in the space
  • Oversaw the development of the Mzinga Social Learning Suite, an integration of social media and social networking into a formal LMS

Through these various development efforts and the deep instructional design inherent in developing their underlying models, I’ve become an expert in multiple disciplines within the learning and performance spaces, including WBT, simulation, EPSS, Help Systems, Knowledge Management, game theory, LCMS, course authoring, social learning, HPT models, software roll-outs, change management, and strategic planning relative to all of the above.

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