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Links for 2009-03-23

March 24, 2009

The ROI of enterprise 2.0 learning — Informal Learning Blog Good stuff by Jay Cross on social learning ROI and really ROI in general. Worth a read; there are some good ideas in here.
(tags: learning ROI Social_Learning socialmediaexamples)

Marshall Goldsmith FeedForward Tool Interesting strategy that avoids much of the negative aspects of providing coaching and feedback during review process. Particularly like the observation that “you can’t change the past; you can change the future.”  Most review sessions focus on negatives of the past instead of positives of the future; this model addresses that.
(tags: leadership TalentManagement Coaching)

YouTube – Did You Know? Great video on demographic and technology stats and trends; global talent and workforce implications. Worth a look if you are an educator.
(tags: future presentation information trends stats statistics technology internet video youtube facts interesting)

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