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New Hire Orientation in a Web 2.0 World

February 19, 2009

This is a guest post by Jen Chambers, one of our sales directors, on how “new hire orientation” is working here at Mzinga.  It’s a great read about the new reality on on-boarding and the power of community to drive faster time to competency and a greater sense of connection.

On Tuesday, Shannon began her first day at our company, Mzinga.  When she first hit the office, she was already friends with at least 10 people.  How does she know so many people here?  Not because we all came from another company, but because before she started, she was ‘friended’ by many in Facebook.  Walking through the office, people were approaching her saying hello.

I remember back in the day (when I had to walk 5 miles uphill in snow to get to work and before electricity… ; ) what starting a new job was like.  I would go into the office in my business suit and spend the entire first day filling out forms; dragging around a large, 3 ring binder with all the company policies and procedures; and if I was lucky, sitting in a classroom for the next 4 days going through orientation.

How times have changed!  For our GenY  friend Shannon, her first day was spent connecting to the most appropriate industry sites, ensuring that she was following the industry leaders, analysts, and fellow Mzingers on Twitter, updating Facebook, and visiting our company community with that pertinent information she needs to know.  Shannon was able to virtually meet her colleagues on the west coast and update her social networking connections.  She was also able to access some just in time learning through a podcast.  No stuffy HR office.  No 3 day orientation class.

As we continue to jet forward quickly into marrying business with how we function personally, the social networking lines continue to cross.  The good news is that Shannon will be able to become a productive member of Mzinga much, much faster.  Since she has already has established relationships with people within the organization  via social networks, she can immediately tap into them to learn and not just by spending one on one time with them, but by accessing their blogs and information.

Welcome to Mzinga, Shannon.  I wonder what day 2 will be like for you??


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