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Meet Your Future Workforce

February 19, 2009

In case there are any HR leaders out there who are not fully plugged into the changing nature of the workforce, here is a story that should make your head spin.  The basic gist:  a 14 yr old in Florida sent over 35,000 text messages per month twice in one year.  Read that again. That translates to roughly 1,182 message per day.  Read that again too.  Let it sink in…

Now here are some questions to ponder:

  • Is this future employee going to sit through a typical on-boarding program?
  • Or typical courses or curriculum?
  • Is she going to respond to typical command and control management models?
  • How are you going to recruit her?
  • Once you do recruit her, how are you going to keep her engaged?
  • What about the work / life boundary?  Will someone who is used to texting 1,000 times per day focus for 8 hours exclusively on work tasks?

Lots to think about.  As you might imagine, I follow a lot of this stuff very closely given my role, but every now and then a story like this rocks me back a bit and makes me really think again about the changing nature of the workforce.  What do you think?  What kind of changes are you seeing in your workforce?

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