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Don Tapscott and Barry Libert Webinar

February 19, 2009

Don Tapscott and Barry Libert Webinar

Today I have the very cool task of moderating a webinar with Don Tapscott and Barry Libert, both distinguished authors and true thought leaders regarding social media and the impact of changing demographics in the workplace.

I’ve written in the past about the intersection between their most recent books, Barrack Inc and Grown Up Digital, and today, I’m going to have the opportunity to ask some more detailed questions about these topics.  Here are the questions I plan to ask:

  • What are the some of the key takeaways from Barrack Inc.?
  • What are some of the key takeaways from Grown Up Digital?
  • Are companies embracing the philosophical angle of social media (user empowerment, openess, engagement) by rethinking work processes and hierarchies or are they “just” applying social media *technology* to existing processes?
  • How do these concepts apply to leaders within organizations and how they manage their employees?  
  • What are some specific tips on how to manage today’s Millennials in the work place?  
  • How can leaders empower Millenials to contribute in the workforce in the same ways they contributed in Obama’s campaign?
  • In Grown Up Digital, Don lists ways to engage with younger workers.  One of them says: “Don’t just use Millennials as foot soldiers.   Treat them as peers.  Listen to their suggestions.  Let them collaborate with you.  Don’t run our group like a liberation hierarchy.  Give them real power and they’ll surprise you positively.”  What is your reaction to people who are skeptical of trusting today’s youth?   And what would you say to encourage them to think differently?
  • Is it realistic to think that all companies can deeply embrace social media concepts or technologies to drive their business or might there be some business models that just aren’t well suited to this approach?
  • Let’s assume for a moment that we all buy into this vision, how should companies get started?  If you could, also talk a little about what they shouldn’t do as part of this transition.

What am I missing?  What else would you like to hear them discuss?  Send me your thoughts and I’ll try to get them into the discussion.

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