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Something new under the sun part II

July 24, 2007

So we launched Firefly Publisher. It’s out, it’s official, and we’re even advertizing about it. As expected, the impact has been pretty huge. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace — gaming, collaborative team-based development, searchable media repositories, an ability to pull source material from the repository and then repost outputs… The list just goes on and on.

We have seen a ton of early sales activity and now some of this is starting to translate to actual business. This is the fun part. I think that this model could be one of the biggest things to happen to elearning in some time. What’s been missing from best-of-breed approaches is how to manage and integrate this stuff. Now, managing and integrating is the easy part, particularly since you can extend your existing media content with deep assessment capability, PowerPoint like effects, dynamic layering, themes, question pooling / randomization, and branching. It’s pretty much the bomb-diggity.

Here’s a real world example: we’re working on a project right now with a major Financial client — it’s 15 hours of WBT across 6 user roles. Huge right? We’re going to deliver this in 12 weeks — ok let that sink in for a minute. That’s more than an hour per week of development. Needless to say, we are blowing away industry standards. Industry standard is 220 development hours per hour of runtime. 220 x 12 = 2640 hours. We are doing it in 480 hours. Why? Our expertise, plus our tools: Firefly and now Firefly Publisher. Cool stuff.

So does this have anything to do with Performance-based Learning? No, not really. I guess this post is about Performance-based development. This is about how the right combination of tools and expertise can enable you to knock the cover off the ball in terms of real world performance…

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